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Home Buyers Guide

Ready to Start? Buying a home can be a mix of emotions, a blend of excitement and feeling overwhelmed. I am here to prepare you for the process and coach you through each step. There are some things to do to be ready to shop for a home. I am excited to help you on this journey and want to tell you a little about what I do.

Realtor Advantage

Realtor AdvantageRealtor Advantage
Finding Available Homes First
Homes that are available to purchase can be found on the web through many sources. A Realtor will have access to the Multiple Listing Service, where listing agents input the listing information. This is the first place the listing goes and the information comes directly from the listing agent or seller. After that, it gets republished on third party search sites, and can sometimes have mistakes or incorrect information. Working with a good Agent will give you access to the best information. When you browse the listings on my site, they come directly from the MLS. Search for Properties.
Realtor AdvantageRealtor Advantage
Pricing Expertise
I can provide data on local home sales. Did you know Texas is a non-disclosure state? Sales prices are not public record, but they are listed in the MLS. I can deliver in-depth knowledge that comes from years of working in the area and studying the market activity.
Looking for SpecificsRealtor Advantage
Looking for Specifics
It’s a full-time job to know the ins and outs of the area and neighborhoods. This helps me find what you are looking for in a home or neighborhood. It’s important for us to talk about your home search needs and which features are most important to you.
The Details MatterRealtor Advantage
The Details Matter
Maybe you want to operate a business from your home, or perhaps you want to have free-range chickens. Does the backyard flood? Was a permit obtained before the detached garage was built? It is important to know what you are permitted to do, how utility services reach the home, and many other details. I can research local zoning information, deed restrictions, etc. so that you can find all the answers to these questions.
Unemotional NegotiationRealtor Advantage
Unemotional Negotiation
One of the goals that the Patty Turner Group and I strive for with each transaction is a “Win-Win or No Deal”. I can negotiate the details in an objective manner which helps you from getting overly emotional about the transaction. I can take the heat and advocate for your best interest in a professional manner to reach a fair outcome for you.
Requesting RepairsRealtor Advantage
Requesting Repairs
Requests for repairs can make or break a deal. It’s often the most sensitive part of the home purchase. A home inspection performed by a licensed inspector is recommended. After the inspection, we will discuss what is a reasonable request and what is excessive. Safety and function should be the top priorities.
Tackling the PaperworkRealtor Advantage
Tackling the Paperwork
A real estate transaction involves an extensive amount of paperwork. There are a lot of words on the pages of those documents. While I am not an attorney, it is my job to help you understand the contracts and forms so that you are confident about the decisions you are making regarding the property, as well as ensuring the documents are completed correctly to avoid mishaps.
Avoid Closing ProblemsRealtor Advantage
Avoid Closing Problems
Unexpected issues can arise with any transaction, but I work hard to eliminate as many as possible, sometimes before you even know there is an issue to be resolved. I do this by staying in communication with everyone involved on the back end of your transaction, including the lender, the appraiser, the title company and those who represent the seller. This professional communication helps everyone stay on task with a goal of closing on time or by coming to an agreement to extend if necessary.
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